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Jutze 3D AOI
Jutze AOI
Jutze SPI
Dek Screen Printer
Rehm Reflow Oven
Jutze Laser Marking
I-BIT X-RAY Inspection System
JT Reflow Oven
JT wave soldering machine
Nutek Loader/Unloader
Logthing AutoMaterial
KIC Thermal Profiler

1)Provide training course, before installation, in order to understand more technology about machine.
2)Free installation and training: Service engineer provide on-site installation and training, after machine have been received.
3)Service under warranty
A),Under warranty, service engineer make periodic inspection for customer machine, free change defective part.
B),Service engineer make periodic inspection for customer machine, 1-2 times, one year.
4)Continue to do service for after- warranty machine.
5)In order to advance applied ability for machine, provide advanced training course for customer engineer.
6)There are service engineers in Shanghai, Suzhou and Shandong area. So customer may contact service center and receive fast response.

Better product, Better service, is our ideal.

No best, but better. We will try our best and help our customer to obtain more value from our machine, and finally develop ourselves.

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