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Product details:

As its name indicates, the VisionXS has evolved from the highly successful VisionX series. With this system as well, Rehm makes no compromises where process reliability and ease of maintenance are concerned. However, various differences to the VXP make it less expensive in order to go easy on your pocketbook. In this way, you can reduce your costs and make your company more competitive at the same time.

Strongest heating and cooling power in the industry
- Lowest Delta T
- Maximum profile flexibility
- Full control of all heating and cooling gradients
- Short heating modules with excellent zone separation
- Less profiles for wide range of products

Heavy duty construction
- Stainless steel, long life time
- Enables maximum thermal stability for highest repeatability

Robust transport systems
- Wide range of transport systems and options, up to four lanes
- Thermally invisible PCB support
- Lead and lead-free soldering in one oven at the same time possible

Efficient Residue Management
- Clean and dry process chamber
- Three stages consisting of flexible filters
- Various filters due to differing residues
- Maintenance with closed process chamber possible
- Additional external system for challenging processes available

Lowest Cost of Ownership
- Nitrogen control and Airdoping reduces Nitrogen consumption
- High quality insulation prevents energy loss
- Easy accessibility and tool free maintenance decreases maintenance efforts

Comfortable software
- User friendly interface
- Wide range of traceability options, for your needs in product tracking
- Open interface structure = easy to make connections with your host systems

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